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Published: 25th February 2010
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HTC HD2 is a pure bliss. HD2 is the first windows mobile Smartphone to feature Multi-Touch. It has 1GHz snapdragon processor which really makes the Windows Mobile 6.5 fly. HTC HD2 was announced with a large 4.3 inch 480×800 pixels resolution capacitive Multi-Touch screen, 512 MB ROM and 448 MB RAM and all this on an 11 mm thick package. The HD2 also features the new HTC Sense user interface with Twitter integration and Footprints. The device furthermore features a MicroSD memory card (SD 2.0 compatible), a standard 3.5mm headphone jack and a Micro-USB connector (5-pin micro-USB 2.0) at the bottom of the phone. On the backside of the phone you will find only the lens of the 5 megapixel Auto focus color camera accompanied with Dual LED flashlight that should give you sharp and well-lit pictures in the dark. One more interesting feature of the phone is that it also has a car kit that integrates into the back of the device so you can truly use it as a GPS navigation unit in your car. HTC HD2 comes with Proximity sensor and accelerometer.

Some design features of HTC HD2 are far beyond words instead, they should be felt. The most interesting ones are like the ringer volume level that immediately scales down when the phone detects the touch of your hand, or the display that automatically adjusts to the light level in your surroundings and turns off to prevent false screen touches during a call. With HTC HD2 in your pocket and you'll never have to worry about finding a Wi-Fi access point for your laptop. Your phone simply connects to superfast 3.5G cellular networks and becomes your personal wireless access point. All together, HTC did a great job by packing all these features in one slim device.

However, if you own one HTC HD2 and it's locked to any specific network provider then you may not be able to take the fullest benefits due to the costly services. Unlocking your HTC HD2 you may not only relieve your pocket but you may also have freedom to use any SIM cards from some other carrier. The most obvious impediment to using unlocked HTC HD2 is that the option is only available to those who subscribe to cellular networks based on GSM technology. If you own an unlocked HTC HD2 and want to switch carrier, you simply take out the old SIM and put in a new one. Another reason to use unlocked HTC HD2 is to save money when traveling internationally. If you are a frequent traveler and use an Unlocked HTC HD2, then you can easily buy a SIM card at your destination and pay local rates, which typically are far less expensive. You may also use a Dual SIM adapter in case you want you want to handle the personal and professional calls separately.

The most effective way to unlock HTC HD2 through web is to get a Unique unlock code for your phone. This is the most desired way to unlock your HTC phone and is a permanent Unlocking solution which will ensure that your phone is unlocked forever. All you have to do is simply dial in the unlock code and your phone is unlocked. This is the easiest, fastest & safest way to unlock HTC HD2. However, if you get your HTC HD2 unlocked using SIM unlocking there is huge risk that it may damage the phone's Operating System. By using HTC HD2 unlock code you can simply use your handset with any network provider and it will surely enables the phone to accept any SIM card.

If you want to Unlock HTC HD2 so that you can use with other network providers SIM card, the recommended solution is to get HTC HD2 unlock code for your phone from a reputed HTC unlock code provider.

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